sunzidamim10's Profile

Age: 29

City: Rajshahi

State/Province: Rajshahi Division

Country: Bangladesh

Education: Bachelors degree

Religion: Islam

Career: Student

Marital Status: Ask me later

Profile Rating: 3/5

As a prospective bride, I am an individual who believes in maintaining a certain mystery and intrigue when it comes to dating. I am looking forward to meeting a prospective groom who values the thrill of discovery and appreciates getting to know someone over time.

Rather than revealing too much about myself upfront, I prefer to share more about my life, passions, and dreams once I have formed a connection with someone. I believe that this approach not only fosters a deeper level of understanding but also allows us to build a more genuine and meaningful relationship.

I am excited to embark on this journey of companionship and look forward to the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead.