rabbani's Profile

Age: 29

City: Dacca

State/Province: Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh

Education: Bachelors degree

Religion: Islam

Career: Engineering/Architecture

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hey! I'm Masum

**Family Background:**
I come from a close-knit family that values love, respect, and togetherness. My parents have been married for over 30 years, serving as a shining example of a strong and enduring partnership. I have one sibling, a younger sister who is my confidante and best friend. We are a family that cherishes traditions, celebrates festivals with great enthusiasm, and supports each other unconditionally.

I am a kind-hearted and compassionate individual with a strong sense of integrity. Friends and family often describe me as thoughtful, reliable, and a good listener. I believe in continuous self-improvement and strive to learn something new every day. My hobbies include reading, hiking, and cooking, which I find to be both relaxing and fulfilling. I have a positive outlook on life and enjoy making people around me smile.

**Long-Term Goals:**
My long-term goals are both personal and professional. On a professional front, I aim to advance in my career as a [Your Profession], making meaningful contributions to my field and achieving a position of leadership within the next decade. Personally, I aspire to build a loving and nurturing home, where mutual respect and understanding are paramount. I also hope to travel and explore different cultures, broadening my horizons and creating beautiful memories with my future partner.

**Partner Expectations:**
I am looking for a partner who shares similar values and aspirations. Someone who is kind, compassionate, and values family as much as I do. It is important for me to find someone who is open-minded, supportive, and ready to face life's challenges together. I believe that a strong relationship is built on trust, communication, and mutual respect, and I am committed to fostering these qualities in my marriage. A sense of humor and a zest for life are traits I deeply appreciate, as I believe in making the journey of life enjoyable and memorable.