arifanwar's Profile

Age: 29

City: Dhaka

State/Province: Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Islam

Career: Lawyer/Legal

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello there! I'm a lawyer by profession, and I take pride in my self-dependency. My life mantra revolves around trust, honesty, and open communication. I believe in having a partner who shares these values and has a firm financial standing – after all, stability is important.

Being a lover of all things creative, I would like to share my life with someone involved in a creative field. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to be an artist or writer, just someone who appreciates creativity in everyday life. I'm equally drawn to introverted and extroverted personalities, or as I like to say, 'ambiverts'. I believe that this balance brings out the best in a relationship.

In my downtime, I enjoy simple pleasures like eating, sleeping, and resting. I'm not one to shy away from the hustle and bustle of city life – in fact, I thrive in an urban environment. I'm also a fan of soft music, it's the perfect soundtrack to my life.

To sum it up, I'm looking for someone who values stability, creativity, and finds comfort in both quiet and lively moments. If you're someone who appreciates the simple things in life and isn't afraid of honest communication, then we might just hit it off. Looking forward to exploring the possibilities!