aljmho01's Profile

Age: 26

City: Dakah

State/Province: Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Islam

Career: Research/Scientist

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 3.5/5

I am the father of the bride, looking for a groom for my daughter. She is 26, tall, slim, pretty and Alhamdulillah possesses an excellent personality. She is very kind-hearted, friendly, and smart. She was born and raised in the Middle East, completed her bachelor's degree from a foreign university, and did her MBA from IBA, Dhaka University. She is currently working as a research associate in an Economic think tank in Dhaka. She has two elder brothers, both highly educated and working abroad. I worked in multinational companies abroad for almost 35 years, now retired and looking after my own business in Dhaka. Her mother is a homemaker. We live in Central Dhaka in our own home. We are looking for a practicing Muslim groom primarily Dhaka based, a working professional, with an age gap of 5/6 years max. Interested persons may contact me. Jazakum Allah Khair.