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Age: 32

City: Bowling

State/Province: West Yorkshire

Country: United Kingdom

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Islam

Career: Education/Academic

Marital Status: Ask me later

Profile Rating: 3/5

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am grateful for this opportunity to introduce myself on this matrimony app, as I am in search of a life partner who shares my values and beliefs. My name is Abdul, and I am a devout and practicing Muslim.

Faith is an integral part of my life, and I strive to uphold the principles of Islam in every aspect of my existence. I find solace in prayer, seek guidance from the Quran, and aim to lead a life that is pleasing to Allah (SWT). I am looking for a partner who similarly embraces their faith and understands the importance of a spiritual connection in our relationship.

While my devotion to Islam is paramount, I also possess other qualities that I believe contribute to a successful and fulfilling partnership. Intelligence and ambition are traits that I value, as I believe in continuous personal and intellectual growth. I have a genuine passion for knowledge and enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations that broaden my horizons.

Caring and loving, I believe in the power of compassion and empathy. I have a nurturing nature, and I am committed to creating a warm and supportive environment for my future spouse. I value open communication, understanding, and the ability to be there for each other, through both the ups and downs of life.

Romance is an essential aspect of any relationship, and I am a firm believer in keeping the flame of love alive. I am a hopeless romantic, and I believe in the power of small gestures and acts of love that strengthen the connection between two souls. I long for a partnership filled with affection, laughter, and shared adventures.

If you are a pious practicing Muslim woman who embodies intelligence, kindness, and a romantic spirit, I would be honored to get to know you better. Let us embark on this journey of discovering each other's hearts and souls, and build a life together that is grounded in faith, love, and mutual respect.

May Allah guide us on this path and bless our search for true companionship.

JazakAllah Khair,